House Paint: Color Of The Year


Wondering what color you should paint your house? Have no fear; the experts at the various paint companies have you covered, no pun intended. Each of the major paint manufacturers has picked one hue from its spectrum of offerings and designated it the 2014 Paint Of The Year. In case you missed the set of press conferences on the subject, here’s the run-down.

Pantone leads off this odd fashion show with “Radiant Orchid,” a blend of pink, purple, and fuchsia. “Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth,” says the company, “that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination.” The color blend, which, the company adds, “emanates great joy, love, and health,” is Pantone number 18-3224. The company’s press release states that they “quite literally comb the world” looking for color influences in search of the perfect hue.

Next on the hit parade is Benjamin Moore’s “Breath of Fresh Air.” Describing the shade of blue as “the new neutral,” Benjamin Moore’s creative director says that the color is “a direct result of the fresh color cues and pastel trends we’ve seen throughout the home furnishing, fashion, and even pop culture landscape.” If you’re eager to coat your walls and window trim with this trendy shade, look for Benjamin Moore color number 806.

Sherwin Williams lays it on even thicker, again, no pun intended. The company’s Exclusive Plum is a “dusky, filtered violet” that “is refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential.” That seems like a lot to ask of paint, but the company insists that their blue, red, and gray mix can “turn any space into a refreshing retreat.” It’s SW 6263 in the Sherwin Williams catalog.

While some of these descriptions sound like they would be more applicable to a $100 bottle of wine than to a can of paint, you can rest assured that if you follow Pantone’s lead, there’s no risk that you’ll clash with your walls. Glamour Magazine’s December 2013 issue recommends an outfit to match, including a coat, which one might describe as a coat of paint, that pun was intended, dress, mohair sweater, and a kicky skirt with a necklace to match.

These selections are not without controversy. It’s said that Pantone’s selection was influenced by the fondness First Lady Michele Obama has for the color. The First Lady’s spokesperson has denied any undue influence, and a special prosecutor will shortly be named to investigate the scandal.

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